In the Spring of 1926, a group of young Black Businessmen and professional men were meeting at a social gathering when one of the men suggested the need to organize a fraternal organization for Black college men. These men put their thoughts together and decided that they wanted to become part of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. Within a week these men were ready to start meeting formally in order to put together their ideas. This first meeting was held at the Odd's Fellow Temple in Downtown Houston. James Nabrit, an Omega Man from Howard University, and Carter Wesley brought papers on how to organize a chapter. Brother James Nabrit acted as chairman and conducted this meeting. Goals and objectives for the chapter were drawn up in July of 1926. The men of Houston, Texas were granted a chapter and it was named Nu Phi. Charter members of the Nu Phi chapter were: D.F.Barclay, H.P.Carter, O.P.Dewalt, R.G.Lockett, H.C.McGruder, C.F.Richardson, R.O.Roett, J.D.Ryan, and G.Stocks. Brother H.P.Carter was the first Basileus.


The need for a permanent meeting place and the need for providing dormitory facilities for undergraduate brothers had been a constant concern among the brothers of Nu Phi for quite sometime. A chance to purchase an exquisite house located in a beautiful neighborhood presented itself to the brothers. This house was owned by Barry and Janet Tobias. The brothers of Nu Phi decided to make a big commitment for their sellers and purchased this house located at 2615 Calumet Street. With financial help from the National chapter, the purchase of this house was completed on June 24, 1965. Brother C.W.Thompson III was Basileus at this time. In order to legally enter into such a financial arrangement, a board of trustees was formed. The board of trustees were: H.P.Carter, W.L.D.Johnson Jr., Samuel L. Prince, C.W.Thompson III, and Ned Wade Jr.


In the morning hours of the day after Christmas, the Nu Phi House was burned by fire. Fire Marshalls declared the fire an act of arson, due to the fact that seven separate fires had been set. Brother James G. Hendricks, Basileus, held the chapter together at perhaps one of the lowest periods in Nu Phi history. Brother Hendricks and his committee then began redesigning and rebuilding the chapter house. Brother Harold Houston served as the architect for the project. During this period of time, the financial obligation for the house was paid out completely, leaving no indebtedness for the house.


Many frustrations occurred during this time period. Extensive fire damage and age of the building, caused problems associated with completely rewiring the electrical system and overhauling, not only the plumbing (inside and outside), but both heating and air conditioning systems. There were also issues with obtaining contractual services of part-time sub-contractors. All this was accomplished at a cost much less than originally projected, saving Nu Phi a considerable amount of money.


Restoration of the house was completed in 1981. Brother John F. Captain was the Basileus at this time. Thus a new era for Nu Phi Chapter started February of 1981.